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Our Mission

The mission of Deacro Industries Ltd. (Deacro) is to provide goods and services to all customers who have an interest in our equipment.

Our Commitment

In fulfilling our mission, Deacro strives at all times to provide its goods and services in a way that respects the dignity and independence of people with disabilities.

Access to Goods and Services

Please note that unfortunately our seminar rooms are not wheelchair accessible at this time. It is however our policy to do our best to provide services to disabled Customers by:/p>

  • Providing access to the premises as far as possible by reasonable accommodation
  • Access to information in a format that accommodates a Disability as reasonable
  • Respecting the independence of disabled Customers by allowing disabled Customers to act
  • Respecting the dignity of disabled Customers
  • Considering integration and equal opportunity of disabled Customers

Support Persons

It is the policy of Deacro to allow disabled Customers to be accompanied by a support person when accessing Deacro goods and services.

Service Animals and Assistive Devices

It is the policy of Deacro to allow service animals on the premises and in all situations where a disabled Customer requires the service animal to access Deacro goods and services.

Temporary Disruptions

If any services to accommodate disabled Customers are interrupted, Deacro will post a notice on its website and in a conspicuous place.


We will post a copy of our policy on our website and provide a link that will allow people to provide feedback to us. The feedback will be received and filtered to the appropriate individual based on the content of the feedback.

Availability of Documents

All documents relating to the Customer Service Standard of the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA) will be made available upon request and in a format reasonably accommodating disabilities. You may make a request in writing, by email or by telephone. Please address your request to jobs@deacro or call 905-564-6566.