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Alpha Poly Packaging

Alpha Poly Packaging Solutions (Alpha Poly), located in Brampton, Ontario, Canada, has ordered a MIRAFLEX AM 8 flexographic press from Windmoeller & Hoelscher. This marks the company's first investment in W&H technology. Alpha Poly (www.alphapoly.com) was established back in 1989 by the Kerrigan family as a producer primarily of polyethylene (PE) plastic bags. The jump to running complex, high-end process print jobs, offering in-house design capabilities along with converting and laminating was a natural progression for this dynamic, high-energy company. Steady growth over the past few years has encouraged the Kerrigans to take the company to the next level by adding value to its current products and services and strengthening its ability to deliver excellent quality to customers with short turnaround times, no matter the size of the job. “This is a pivotal time in the company's history,” remarks gm Patrick Kerrigan. “We've given the company a makeover with a new name, logo and look. We're investing not only in the MIRAFLEX for high-end printing, but also adding a laminator from Nordmeccanica and slitter from Deacro. We want to add value to the products and service we offer to help coordinate our customers' packaging under one roof.” The company is adding 20,000 sq ft for warehousing, using the full existing 30,000 sq ft solely for production. Alpha Poly won a Silver award in the Flexible Packaging category in the 2013 PAC Packaging Competition for its exceptional graphic design, structural design and printing of Downey Potato Farm bags. The 52-in. MIRAFLEX AM 8 is scheduled for installation in early 2014. The press is equipped with the TURBOCLEAN automatic wash-up system, the new EASY SET HD for automatic impression setting and 3D plate topography, and EASY REG S for automatic register setting. The press is capable of speeds of up to 1300 fpm.

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Hood Packaging Corp.

Hood Pkg Corp. is committed to providing customers with the high quality flexible packaging. In 1995 Hood Pkg. Arden Hills MN began investing in Deacro slitting and rewinding equipment. Hood Packaging recently installed their third Deacro slitter rewinder. Hood decided on a Deacro model C800C (32” rewind OD). Their choice was based on quality, reliability and quick set up features. They have grown to expect Deacro Slitters will deliver consistent roll quality, web tension control and easy quick setup features. Mr. Mike Ramirez, Plant Manager selected options that would further increase their productivity. Option like: Digital knife positioning system and servo laser core positioning. Since Hood converts a variety of films and substrates they added a closed loop rewind tension control system and a servo lay on system to control the lay on pressure for both laminated and sensitive materials. Downstream Roll handling was also crucial. Hood added a roll pusher and a HC800 roll receiver to quickly and safely handle their finished rolls.

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Canadian Business Journal

A leading manufacturing of capital equipment for the conversion industry, Deacro Industries began in 1979 as a provider of on-demand and just-in-time manufacturing. Today, the company focuses on manufacturing slitter rewinder equipment and components for its highly automated machine shop. Manufacturing slitter rewinders, salvage rewinders, rolling handling equipment, and an extensive list of products for the converting industry, Deacro Industries highlights automation technology in its manufacturing process as a means to its success. With an ability to operate “lights out”, Deacro Industries runs like an efficient, finely tuned machine, just one of the many elements that separates the company from its competition. Full Equipment Lineup “The fact that we make our own components, we are able to control our costs better that way,” Deacro Industries President Ed de Boer told the American Business Journal. “We are also fairly innovative as far as new designs goes.” As a smaller organization, Deacro Industries is able to accommodate requests for customized work, with its modified machines able to meet the requirements of specific orders. One example is Deacro Industries’ work on specialty projects for the lithium power industry that uses a specific separator film provided by Deacro Industries. As de Boer explained, “We produce the slipping and rewinding equipment that does the winding and the separating of the lithium battery separator film.” Redesigning to ensure that the company remains cost competitive, Deacro Industries has revamped its entire equipment line to stay in tune with its major competitors in Europe that own operations within the Asian markets and capitalize on the local lower cost of equipment. As such, the goal of Deacro Industries is to offer a competitive product based on an aggressive design and manufacturing approach. A leader in the design and manufacture in high performance slitting and rewinding machines, Deacro Industries offers a variety of capital equipment manufacturing from its 75,000 square foot state-of-the-art machine facility. The company website states, “Deacro Industries’ complete control throughout the manufacturing process offers the converting industry design solutions in an unprecedented ‘Time to Market’.” Deacro Industries strives to produce easy to use, ergonomic, multi-functional machines. More so, the company’s focus on customer service does not stop on the sales floor, but rather extends to offer equipment training alongside a qualified technician. “We believe that your prosperity is directly related to our success. That’s why, in all aspects of our operation, every effort is made to achieve nothing less than your total satisfaction,” reads the Deacro Industries website.

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