Auto Knife Positioning

rewind technology

This affordable upgrade option virtually eliminates knife setup time. Knife positions are stored as part of each file recipe in the main Deacro controller. Operators recall new jobs at the touch of a button, and the slitter automatically configures to the correct running parameters. This system is servo controlled and users pneumatic male knives on a lnear rail with shear rings loaded on a pneumatic knife shaft.

Automatic knife positioning is especially effective in combination with the laser core positioning and spacerless differential air shaft option. When combined with these two features, operators eliminate time consuming setups.

Features & Options

  • Servo positions top and bottom knives
  • Knife positions are saved in file recipe
  • Razor, shear or score positioning available
  • Virtually eliminates knife setup time
  • Powerful when used with laser core and differential shafts

Auto Knife Media