Differential Air Shafts

rewind technology

Deacro’s auto roll lock differential air shafts are ideal for tension sensitive materials, clean running environments and rapid setup applications. One-inch wide roll lock segments are stacked across the shaft eliminating the need to setup spacers. When rewinding is complete, the roll locks automatically disengage for the finished rolls to be unloaded.

Differential rewinding is obtained by strictly controlling the air pressure distributed internally across the roll locks. Tension is programmed into the touch screen and is proportional to the length of the rewinding cores. Because of this, converters have the flexibility to rewind rolls of different widths across the same shaft.

Features & Options

  • No twisting core to lock/unlock
  • No turning unused roll locks prior to off-loading
  • Locks in both winding methods
  • Common base mandrel for 3″ & 6″ cores
  • Spacerless setup across shaft
  • Eliminates core dust
  • Tooling for narrow widths or plastic cores
  • Provides excellent stability for narrow rolls
  • Sensitive tension control
  • Retrofit your existing equipment