Laser Core Positioning

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The laser core positioning system is commonly used in combination with Deacro’s roll lock differential air shafts. Operators simply line up the core with the laser to locate the core. With the servo positioning version, the operator simply waves a hand near a sensor to initiate the laser to move to the next required core position.

A manual laser core positioner is also available. This affordable system allows the operator to avoid marking the shaft. Simply move the lasers to mark the core locations. The lasers are mounted on a rail and can be easily moved and locked in place without tools.

Features & Options

  • Indicates exact core locations
  • Lasers are servo positioned for precise accuracy
  • Core locations are saved in the file recipe
  • Wave hand near sensor to jog laser to next location
  • Ensures cores are aligned with knife positions
  • Saves lost time of removing misaligned material
  • Saves lost time of stopping the slitter

Laser Core Media