Lay-on Configuration Modes

lay-on system technology

Deacro’s lay-on technology allows the lay-on system to operate in three different modes. The first mode features a smaller more sensitive pneumatic ‘knuckle’ system to provide constant nip pressure on the ¬†rolls. By raising the entire lay-on system with an actuator, the weight of the system does not factor into the nip pressure applied to the rewinding rolls.

The second mode of operation eliminates the requirement for common lay-on rollers used for narrow cuts. This system uses individual lay-on segments to provide constant nip pressure.

The third configuration is designed for minimum gap applications. The servo actuator drives up the lay-on dovetail assembly maintaining a constant fixed gap between the lay-on roller and the rewinding rolls. Minimum gap winding is commonly used for many self-wound tapes and ‘cold seal’ films.

Lay-on Media