Slitter Upgrades & Retrofits

slitter rewinder retrofits

Breathe new life and capabilities into your slitter rewinder equipment. Deacro offers an impressive list of slitter features that are available as both slitter upgrades and slitter retrofits. With leading technology, Deacro can provide a viable alternative to purchasing costly new machines by improving the mechanical and electrical performance in your current slitter. The results are slitter rewinders that will achieve optimal performance, be outfitted with the latest technology, and end up costing your company far less than if you were to replace it.

Please note that because of mechanical limitations, your current equipment may or may not be compatible with all Deacro retrofit options. To see what’s available for third party slitter equipment, please use the chart below.

Retrofit Compatibility Chart

Feature Deacro Slitters Third Party
PLC/HMI/Drive Control Yes No
Servo Lay-on Yes No
Auto Knife Positioning Yes No
Digital Knife Positioning Yes No
Splice Table Yes No
Liftout Rewind Shaft Yes No
Pneumatic Knives Yes No
Differential Air Shafts Yes Yes
Laser Core Positioning Yes Yes
Auto Roll Pushers Yes Yes
Shaftless Unwind Yes Yes
Portable Roll Unloading Yes Yes
Fixed Roll Yes Yes