Slitting Modes

slitter rewinder technology

Razor slitting is most commonly used for light gauge films. The razor blades are inexpensive and simple to setup and replace. Razor slitting can be done ‘in air’ or in a ‘grooved roller’ to support the web during slitting.

Shear is the most versatile slitting method. Shear slitting can be used for a wide variety of papers, films, laminates and foils. Shear slitting variations can be ‘tangential/kiss’ or ‘wrap’ shear which involves a loaded male blade against a female ring, creating a scissoring effect to slit the web. Shear slitting typically provides the highest quality edge quality.

Score or ‘crush cutting’ is commonly used for adhesives and some papers. The score knife is a pneumatically loaded circular blade against a hardened steel anvil. The knife then crushes the web against the anvil. Generally, slit edges are not of the highest quality, but score cutting makes up for it in quick and easy setup procedures.

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