Unwind Technology

slitter rewinder technology

Several unwind options have been designed to integrate with Deacro’s center winders. Deacro slitters come with the option of the standard US1000A (40″/1000mm roll diameter) shaftless unwind stand, or the US1300D (50″/1300mm roll diameter) shaftless unwind stand upgrade. These stands are designed to facilitate efficient handling of the master roll. Both unwind designs are equipped with servo-actuated web guide systems.

Both unwind base and arm slides consist of high capacity linear bearing rails which are easily maintained. Options for these unwind stands include a position-regulated dancer, a “walk-over” plate, splice table, pack roller, and an AC-vector driven unwind configuration.

US1000A Unwind Stand


The US1000A can handle rolls up to 40″(1000mm) OD. it is Deacro’s most economical shaftless stand, but does not allow for more advanced upgrades such as a dancer or driven unwind.

US1300D Unwind Stand


The US1300D shaftless unwind upgrade eliminates the requirement to handle heavy shafts and removes the weight limitations due to deflection. The powered roll lift is a standard feature on the US1300D unwind stand.