C1000D Slitter Rewinder

cantilevered slitter equipment

The C1000D is a cantilevered slitter rewinder that is capable of rewinding up to 40″ (1000 mm) roll diameters. This slitting machine is ideal for a wide range of extensible films, foils, papers and complex laminates. It has been designed to accommodate wide web widths and large roll ODs.

Optional features such as Deacro’s rewind shaft technology and adjustable rewind shaft supports, extend the capabilities of the C1000D. These features are used for handling heavier roll weights, wider web widths and larger finished roll ODs on a cantilevered platform for maximum efficiency.

Deacro’s C1000D and other slitter rewinders, offers unmatched control and versatility. The rewind system can be differential to compensate for gauge variances across the web or dual locked core winding. When the rewinding is complete, the slitter can automatically off-load the finished rolls to one of many different roll handling options.

Slitter Specifications

Description Imperial Metric
Rewind Roll Diameter 40" 1000 mm
Unwind Roll Diameter 40/50"+ 1000/1300 mm+
Max Web Width 63"+ 1600 mm+
Max Web Speed 2000/2600 fpm+ 600/800 mpm+

Slitter Media