C610D Slitter Rewinder

cantilevered slitter equipment

Because of Deacro’s innovative slitter technology, the C610D slitter is the most technologically advanced and versatile duplex cantilevered slitting machine for today’s converting industry. Our rewind technology, including roll lock differential air shafts and servo-actuated lay-on roller systems, deliver the ability to rewind even the most difficult light gauge films and complex laminate materials.

The C610D slitter can be operated in multiple modes for different applications. These modes include a ‘minimum gap mode’, which is designed primarily for adhesive and cold seal materials, and a dedicated narrow width option for narrow web rewind applications.

When the slitter rewinding is complete, the C610D can automatically off-load the finished rolls onto one of Deacro’s many different roll handling products.

After the finished rolls have been removed, the operator simply slides new cores onto the rewind shafts to continue the slitting cycle. A set change is as simple as recalling a new file through the color touch screen. Operators never need to handle rewind tooling, handle shafts, setup knives or manually move rolls.

Slitter Specifications

Description Imperial Metric
Rewind Roll Diameter 24" 610 mm
Unwind Roll Diameter 40/50"+ 1000/1300 mm+
Max Web Width 63"+ 1600 mm+
Max Web Speed 2000/2600 fpm+ 600/800 mpm+

Slitter Media