Center/Surface Winder Technology

center/surface winder family

Center-surface winding is used primarily for rewinding large diameter rolls and extended web width applications. Today, center-surface winders are available in several models. These include liftout mandrel, cantilevered and multiple individual shaftless rewinds.

On a center surface-slitter, the web is pulled by the primary surface roller. Finished roll density is then developed independently from the web tension. This is done through controlled nip pressure as well as torque from the primary surface roller.

Deacro has specialized in manufacturing slitter rewinders for over 25 years. With this, Deacro promises the most industry proven, technologically advanced slitter rewinders that the converting industry has to offer.

For more information on Deacro’s center-surface winder models, please contact us using our online form. A sales representative will then follow up shortly with more information.