Turret Slitter Technology

turret slitter family

Turret slitters use a ‘rotating rewind shaft’ system for maximum productivity. Two sets of rewind shafts minimize downtime by allowing the slitter to keep running while the finished rolls are unloaded and new cores are setup. Deacro also offers a wide variety of automated material handling solutions to further decrease the level of downtime for high volume converters. These automated cells can be customized to suit your unique specifications.

Turret slitters are available for narrow web or wide web applications. Inspection turret slitter rewinders are used primarily in the label industry. These narrow web slitters allow operators to inspect and correct print defects on the web. An auto-cut and transfer system produces maximum throughput by transfering the finished rolls to the rear rewind mandrel. This allows operators or roll handling equipment to remove the finished rolls while new rolls are being setup and wound.

Deacro has specialized in manufacturing turret slitters for over 25 years. With this, Deacro promises the most industry proven, technologically advanced slitter rewinders that the converting industry has to offer.

For more information on Deacro’s turret slitter models, please contact us using our online form. A sales representative will then follow up shortly with more information.