RS1000 Back to Back Rewinder


The RS1000 is designed for web converters who need an affordable and reliable salvage rewinder. The RS1000 is capable of rewind diameters of up to 40″ diameters. Since the RS1000 is fully shaftless, operators are able to perform quick roll changes.  The RS1000 features Deacro’s unique sensitive tension control. Web tensions are controlled automatically with fully programmable taper tension for 0-100% for maximum control. The machine also monitors the diameter of the unwind and rewind roll and adjusts tension accordingly. The reversible RS1000 can reduce rewind times by 50- 90%. This option also allows operators to orientate the print direction without running the roll more than once. This fully shaftless rewinder can pickup rolls from the floor for quick, safe loading, and unload the finished rolls when rewinding is complete. The unwind and rewind include loading/unloading systems.

Material running during a cycle on the RS1000 Salvage Rewinder
A Deacro employee using the splice table located on the rear of the machine.
The fully shaftless rewinder picking up a roll off the floor.


Rewind Roll Diameter40"1000 mm
Unwind Roll Diameter40"1000 mm
Max Web Width63"+1600 mm+
Max Web Speed2000 fpm+600 mpm+