RS1300 Shaftless Salvage Rewinder.


The RS1300 offers converters an affordable, high performance single direction or reversible salvage rewinder. Designed to handle master rolls, the fully shaftless system requires no shaft handling. It will pick up rolls from the floor or pallet and unload the finished roll. The reversible option of the RS1300 is particularly well suited for printed web converters in that the print direction can be maintained without removing the roll. The RS1300 reversible feature uses a driven unwind that can reduce rewinding time by 50-90%. A position regulated dancer compensates for roll inertia, providing sensitive tension control for extensible films, laminations and heavier web constructions. Web guiding is provided by a servo-actuated high speed side-lay system. 

Reversible salvage rewinder.
Slitting options for a salvage rewinder.
Shaftless salvage rewinder


Rewind Roll Diameter50/60/72"1300/1500/1850 mm
Unwinder Roll Diameter50/60/72"1300/1500/1850 mm
Max Web Width63/70/80"+1600/1800/2050 mm+
Max Web Speed2000/2600 fpm600/800 mpm