S.I.R. 510 Salvage rewinder and duplex slitter machine


Introducing the industry’s first fully reversible, dual direction combination rewinder and duplex slitter all in one system. A pull out knife bank provides easy operator access, pneumatic lay-ons control roll density and differential shafts provide sensitive tension control. For web inspection, a 100% inspection system is available. While running at web speeds of 2000 fpm, it is capable of identifying a defect and initiates the rewinder to automatically stop and reverse to place the defect on the splice table for editing. The dual direction upgrade allows the S.I.R.510 to operate as a reversible rewinder to orient the web direction without the need to remove the roll. The reversible feature can reduce rewind times by 50-90%. Once the roll is fully inspected and edited, the knives can be engaged and the duplex winding functionality can be used to finish rewinding the fully inspected slit rolls. A slide out knife system allows quick setup and easy operator access to the slitting tooling. No handling of shafts is required. Rolls can be quickly loaded / unloaded with the fully cantilevered unwind and rewind shafts. An optional shaft support system can be used for heavy rolls.

Splice table for the S.I.R. 510
Mechanical line for the S.I.R. 510 salvage rewinder
Knife system showing slicing during a cycle for the S.I.R. 510


Unwind Diameter31.5"800 mm
Rewind Diameter (Rewinding)31.5"800 mm
Rewind Diameter (Duplex Slitting)20"510 mm
Web Widths24"/31.5"610/800 mm
Roll Weights 24" Width500 lbs225 kgs
Roll Weights 31.5" Width400 lbs180 kgs
Deacro’s roll lock differential air shafts

Auto Roll Lock Differential Air Shafts

Deacro’s roll lock differential air shafts are ideal for tension sensitive materials, clean running environments and rapid setup applications. Roll lock segments are stacked across the shaft eliminating the need to setup spacers. When rewinding is complete, the roll locks can automatically disengage for the finished rolls to be unloaded. Deacro offers a variety of designs for custom cores and with technology that can lock and unlock automatically and lock in forward and reverse winding directions.

Closed-Loop Rewind Tension Control

The closed-loop rewind tension control option gives operators the optimum level of control over the rewinding process. This option is particularly helpful for converters running tension-sensitive materials such as light gauge, extensible films. Load cells are used to read the actual tension and adjust the torque to the rewind shafts automatically for closed-loop rewind tension control. The slitter control system automatically adjusts the air pressure in the rewind shafts. This adjusts the rewind tension to match the load cell readings. This maintains the desired tension based on the base tension setting, taper tension setting and current roll diameter.

A screen displays Closed-Loop Rewind Tension Controls

Servo/Auto Laser Core Positioning

To reduce setup time, lasers can be supplied to indicate the rewind core locations. Operators simply line up the cores with the lasers. The servo positioning version eliminates the initial setup and positioning of the lasers. The operator waves a hand near a sensor to initiate the laser to move to the next required core position as saved in the file recipe to match the positioning of the knife locations.

A machine fitted with a manual laser core positioning system

Manual Laser Core Positioner

The manual laser core positioning system uses multiple lasers to indicate the required location for cores on the rewind shafts. The position of the lasers can be easily adjusted by the operator with quick disconnects and tool-less locking. After locating the lasers, operators simply line the edge of the cores with the laser for quick and accurate positioning